Multimedia Presentations

Matt's Marine Organism Project

Dream Team 2013 discovers iPads, iPods, iMovies and other Multi-media presentation tools...way cool!

A glimpse at our 1st Semester  

School is Cool

Inspirational examples from our 20 Things You Want to Do Before You Turn 20 Project

10 things I would share with a kid from Africa

Weston's 20 Things...

Emily's 20 Things

TEAM 345 2012's activities...

Fall 2012 The World is Made of Amazing Students--Team Taylor Math and Science Inquiry

Team Taylor Exploring the Wonders of the World
Click on the link to see Amazing Students in Action exploring Collaborative Math, Global Math, and Nature's all good!

March 10, 2012

Team ET Loves Science and Math
Click on the link to enjoy some of our Science and Math Explorations.
Pendulums, Marine Labs, Volume of Irregular Objects, Density, and IXL's all here!

Picture It! Monet's Lilies

(click on this link to access the Picture It! slideshow)

We enjoyed connecting with students around the United States and in Canada on this collaborative project that can be found at It was also exciting to see our lilies displayed on other teacher's websites. We've made many friends across the country while working on this project...Thanks Jen! Stay tuned for our March Project...Lucky Charms Math.