PaperCuts-We Can Change the World!


 DECREASING the use of Paper


INCREASE the World's Natural Resources

Attainable and Sustainable


The goal of our project is to dramatically reduce paper usage in our classroom, school, and eventually the global community. We plan to do this by first being more aware of our paper consumption through data tracking followed by applying alternative options to paper such as electronic and individual whiteboard responses along with other reusable resources. PaperCuts' strategies for paper reduction success will be continually updated on our classroom website to add attainability and sustainability to our project. We look forward to collaborating with the global community.


The main issue PaperCuts is going to address is the amount of paper consumed in our classroom and the means to reduce our paper consumption. We are focusing on the issue of paper consumption because our explorations in science determined the environmental impacts regarding paper production, shipping, recycling and waste demands attention and as stewards of the environment it is our responsibility to practice and promote a “green” classroom, school, and global community. The following findings from our research are a few of the issues that strengthened our determination to Change the World’s consumption of paper. 


       Paper is the single largest industrial consumer and polluter of water.


•Paper is the single largest component of our landfills, where its decomposition emits methane


•Nearly half of the trees cut in North America go to papermaking. This deforestation dramatically impacts ecosystems.


•Chlorine-based paper processing uses up to 50,000 gallons of water per ton of paper.


•Breaking down wood fiber to make paper consumes energy and releases large quantities of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.


We Can Change the World... More importantly, we must as our future depends on it.