Greetings 6th Graders and Families!

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Welcome to 6th grade!  We look forward to an exciting year of growth and learning ahead! In sixth grade you will transition to an increased level of responsibility and independence with new structures and activities all wrapped around a ton of FUN!  This year will be a distinctive one indeed, as 6th grade students assume a special leadership role here at FHES and become prepared for a smooth transition into 7th grade. 

As part of the 6th grade transition, you will have two different teachers for your core subjects.  Core subjects will be taught in two-hour blocks.  Ms. Putney will be teaching Language Arts and Social Studies and Mrs. Taylor will be teaching Math and Science. Expectations between the core classes will be consistent.  Library, Health, Technology, and P.E. will be integrated into the weekly activities during a third period exploratory class. In addition, students will need to choose between Band and Art for sixth period.

Our year in Language Arts and Social Studies will be full of authentic experiences in which we will be able to engage in meaningful content.  We will enhance skills through guided reading of fiction and non-fiction and through practice in writing organized, coherent paragraphs.  The content of our Social Studies will focus on the ancient civilizations of Mesopotamia, Egypt, China, Greece and Rome.  We will use the Five Themes of Geography as a tool for exploring these extraordinary civilizations.

Got your Apple on?! Be ready for exciting adventures in Math and Science as we use our new iPads and iPods to discover and connect to the wonders of the world around us. Math and Science will become seamless as we apply what we are learning to relevant and engaging projects. As the main stakeholder in the outcomes of your education, you as 6th graders will determine the direction and pace of your learning as you pave your personal path to mastery. You will be hosting websites and using Google apps to design, apply, and share your endeavors with your families and community, as well as students, scientists, and mathematicians from around the world.

Be certain to mark your calendar for the October 22-24th Mountain School trip! Our focus at Mountain School will be on ecosystems and water quality explorations. A variety of hands-on interdisciplinary activities will connect Science, Math, Writing, Social Studies, Art, and Conservation.  This is a wonderful experiential opportunity for students to explore science in natural setting.  Information will be sent home shortly after the start of school.

We are looking forward to seeing you at the Open House on Tuesday, August 28th at 2pm!  Also, mark your calendar for Curriculum Night on Tuesday, September18th at 6:00pm.   Please be certain to bring the required supplies the first day of school.

All Good Things,

 Ms. Christy Putney                                    Mrs. Debbie Taylor

Language Arts-Social Studies Teacher       Math-Science Teacher