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Citizen Scientists on the Move...
Measuring outcomes for 6th Grade Marine Biology Science: count the "wows" and "cools" that pop up throughout the video; notice students "digging" in regardless of the bone chilling and sand creeping environment; listen to the excitement in discovering worms, creepy crawlers, and decaying critters; along with visual representation of inspiration and enlightenment being reflected by modeling our enthusiastic FH Lab Experts! 

Soft Sediment Marine Biology Exploration 2013

6th grade students interact with experts from the field to explore the wonders of their marine environment...Thank You Friday Harbor Labs Student Outreach Program!

Marine Expert Day

The beauty of mathematics is all around on the link to enjoy a visual tour of how math works.

I am so inspired by the endeavors of Creative People...thank you Michael Blake for expressing the Beauty of Math with Music. 

Life just keeps getting better and better...check out Desmos's free online graphing calculator! We are going to have SOOOO much fun with this new tool....School is Cool!
Give them the resources and then get out of the way...


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EarthDial? Project Idea!

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Name that Asteroid!

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Math is Fun

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Another Day in Math...

These student generated videos are a compilation of multiple videos and events.

The day the new iPads arrived--Exploring the new iPads with Discovery Education Science.

The day after the iPads arrived--Using the iPads and iPods to dig into individualized skill practice and exploration with Khan Academy and IXL.

Using the iPads Educreation and TeachMeEverything Apps to demonstrate content proficiency and/or create instructional videos. 

Thank you CenturyLink for the $10,000 grant opportunity.
Thank you Tech Team for bringing it all together and providing more tech tools than the grant allowed. 
Thank you San Juan Community for passing the technology levies that make a positive difference in the lives of our youth. 

Power Hour Friday--students who are demonstrating grade level proficiency are provided academic free choice time during the last hour of the week. This is an example of what student chose to do. 

She also did this the day we explored the potential of the new iPads...

Link to Educreation in Action by Creative Thinking Student--Factorials by choice...gotta love it!

Mountain School 2012

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My Roots Go Down to Mountain School

11-4-12 Voyaging Through Math

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Celebrating Martin Gardner

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Celebration of The Mind--Celebrating Martin Gardner whose birthday is October 21st (Sunday). (Great Mrs. Taylor, but who is this Gardner guy and more importantly, how do I get invited to the party so I may enjoy some cake...hope it's chocolate). 

Martin Gardner (October 21, 1914 – May 22, 2010) was an American popular mathematics and science writer who wrote about math puzzles and intellectual recreations in Scientific American for a quarter-century.  He published almost 100 books on topics as diverse as magic, recreational mathematics, philosophy and the nuances of Alice in Wonderland.  He was a leading voice in refuting pseudoscientific theories and so-called paranormal powers, from ESP to flying saucers to spoon-benders.  Gardner’s was a clarifying intelligence: his talent was asking good questions and transmitting the answers clearly and crisply.  He conveyed “the magical quality of mathematics,” according to Douglas Hofstadter, the cognitive scientist. As ace statistician and card magician Persi Diaconis has remarked, Gardner "turned thousands of children into mathematicians, and thousands of mathematicians into children.

Check out the following site to dig deeper into Gardner's Hexaflexagon Discovery!

Some of you may recognize Vi Hart  from Khan Academy explorations It makes sense she would do a video on Celebrating Gardner.  

The story behind the hexaflexagon discovery is quite fascinating...Richard Feynman (physicists with his own incredible life story) was one of Gardner's math "playmates". Read this engaging story to find out more about Feynman and Gardner Hexaflexagons and Other Mathematical Diversions: The first Scientific American Book of Mathematical Puzzles and Games 


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8-24-12 Got your Mountain School on?

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Click on the link to explore where you will be attending school on October 22-24. Trek on!

Island Stewards FHES Partnership and Experts in the Classroom

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San Juan Island National Park Service

Creeping critters, dazzling sunshine, refreshing breezes (with one tent toppling gust), and enthusiastic minds converged this week to create a brainstorming workshop that generated exhilarating outcomes. I was fortunate to be a member of this dynamic gathering hosted by the San Juan Island National Park Service.  Follow the link above to find out more about the Park’s Island Stewards program that will be taking youth out of the classroom and into the field to participate in project based learning with our local environmental experts. The 6th graders will design and host a website to share their experiences and findings with their local and global communities. Our first field trip will be at the end of September. Click here if you are a family member and would like to help chaperone our field trip. 

Wings and Claws—Roots and Shoots. To help us build background for our Island Steward adventures as well as our trek around Mountain School in October, education coordinators and scientists, Shona AitKen from Wolf Hollow, and Fiona Norris from the San Juan Nature Institute will be joining us in the classroom in September as part of our experts from the field project. Stay tuned for workshop dates if you would like to join us on our mind-expanding events.


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