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Island Marble Butterfly Habitat Restoration Project--Thank you Ranger Parsons!

Island Marble Butterfly

Pi Day 3.14-15

Pi Day

Healthy Soil Chemistry Lab--brought to us by Mr. Barsh and Kwiaht!

Healthy Soil Chemistry

Marine Environments Lab--Environmental Stewards--Thank you Taylor Fisheries! 

Marine Environments Lab

Heritage Orchard Field Trip--Hosted by Boyd Pratt and San Juan Island Historical Museum...Thank You!

Heritage Orchard Field Trip Fall 2014

Secrets of Soil--Thank you SJIPSF for our new microscopes and Kwiaht's, Russel Barsh, for your science expertise! 

Secrets of Soil December 2014

Seed and Plant Lab--The Chemistry of Sprouting Seeds! Thank you Biologist Murphy and the Kwiaht organization. 

Seed/Plant Lab

Mixtures and Solutions Chemistry Lab

Mixture and Solutions Lab December 2014

Bird Survey Late Fall 2014--Hosted by Ranger Parsons and the San Juan Island Historical National Parks...Thank you!

Bird Survey Fall 2014

Fruity Mass Math Lab--Discovering Ratio of edible:non-edible mass and unit cost of edible portion. 

Fruity Mass Math Lab

GeoBread House Fun December 2014

GeoBread Geometry 2014

Mountain School 2014--Thank you Raylee and Jason Miniken!

10-8-14 Mountain School

Botany Lab--Thank you Biologist Murphy and the Kwiaht Organization!

10-5-2015 Botany Exploration

Life Cycles

Outdoor Lab Prep--Digging In! Thank you SJPSF!
Exploring Raptors Life Science--Thank you Wolf Hollow and Ms. Aitkins!
Plant Taxonomy--Thank you Dr. Fiona Norris!
ArcGIS work with Ranger Parsons from San Juan Island Historical Park and Ms. Johnstonbaugh from Kwiaht...Thank You

Outdoor Lab Labor of Love 9-22-14

Photo Ops 
  • Exploring Raptors with Shona Aitkens researching for Mountain School Carnivores and the Bird Survey field trip at Grandma's Cove with Ranger Parsons and the National Historic Park. Students analyzed wings, feet, and skulls to identify local raptors and discuss their distinguishing characteristics. 
  • Plant Taxonomy with Dr. Fiona Norris doing research for Mountain School students explored the plant kingdom, analyzed plant characteristics, and used a dichotomous key to identify local trees and shrubs. 
  • Outdoor Lab STEAM Garden final preparation of garden beds. This very impressive group of students worked in the drizzle and dirt (rich topsoil) to put the finishing touches on the lab's garden beds. 
  • ArcGIS work with Ranger Parsons and Bethy Johnstonbaugh from the Kwiaht Organization
  • Mystery eggs discovered on some spinach planted in the Outdoor Lab. The image was captured using an iPhone camera on top of the microscope. We were not able to identify the eggs so we potted the spinach plants and are growing them in the classroom inside our butterfly house.