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Homework Happy or Homework Horrible? 
Learning done at home should be a natural extension of the school day. Homework is not meant to be "busy" or "boring" work. Generally the students are provided application opportunities at home to preview or review skills and understandings being explored during the school day. If homework is not enriching your child's learning experience, we need to talk. 

DeStress Homework

posted Oct 13, 2012, 10:24 AM by debrataylor@sjisd.org

Tips for DeStressing Homework (link)
Stress Less--Study More: Ten Tips for Success. 
  1. Start Young
  2. Establish a time
  3. Pick a place
  4. Get organized 
  5. Eliminate distractions
  6. Build in breaks
  7. Include snacks
  8. Be available
  9. Join them
  10. Keep a homework log (did anyone say Planner?)
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